D2 Cabin Challenge Tribute

Thank you so much to all the talented artists who took part in the D2 Challenge 2023. Your works simply blew our minds! We’ve received over 140 amazing images and animations from all over the world, and we’re so honored by the amount of work you’ve put into them. We wanted to pay a little tribute to you all with this gallery featuring best entries.

Starting with the award-winning top 5, top jury selection and lots of honorable mentions that we simply had to share. Please note, although we tried our best we might have misspelled some names. If we did, we apologize and kindly ask you to let us know, so we can correct it.

1st Place:

Lorenzo Mazzi

Oh boy, this is good. Everything about this entry screams super polished image. It's executed to 105 percent. The cloth works very well with stormy clouds. That feel like this design literally fits this place perfectly. It really connects to the nature around it. The colors, the composition, the lighting scenario, the highlights - everything is well curated here. There's something really beautiful and enjoyable about it.

Commonpoint 3D Exterior Lighting Masterclass
$300 in Pulze licenses
1 year Wanderer or Studio subscription in VWArt Club
$300 store credit in Polymachine
250 render credits on RebusFarm
one year All Access subscription in SiNi Software
Registration to the D2 Vienna 2024

2nd Place:

Aleksandar Fisik

This image is really beautiful and on many levels, from composition, the lines, the flowing flowers, this smooth color palette. Also for me, it's interesting to see the structures resembling these Chinese junk boats or a storage structure instead of a habitat. Very creative idea. It's like almost a perfect image, especially that it seems to be 100 percent CGI. It takes mastery to do an image like that.

Commonpoint 3D Exterior Lighting Masterclass
$200 in Pulze licenses
1 year Wanderer or Studio subscription in VW ArtClub
$200 store credit in Polymachine
250 render credits on RebusFarm
one year Ignite subscription in SiNi Software
Registration to the D2 Vienna 2024

3rd Place:

Gabriel Rodrigues

You can see there's a ton of work put into this image and whatever you look, there is some story. Images with a sci-fi vibe can sometimes feel disturbing, but this one is not that way at all. It seems safe. I really enjoyed the colors and lighting here. All the details are pretty curated and it all blends together really nicely. There is no part that feels rushed.

Commonpoint 3D Exterior Lighting Masterclass
$100 in Pulze licenses
1 year Wanderer or Studio subscription in VWArt Club
$100 store credit in Polymachine
250 render credits on RebusFarm
one year Ignite subscription in SiNi Software
Registration to the D2 Vienna 2024

4th Place:

Sergei Chaschin

This image is just masterfully crafted. The play of colors - the reds and blues, really work well here. They're really nailed down in this image. If you brighten it up a bit you'll be able to appreciate all the details. Almost feel this freezing wind of the mountain pass. It really strucked me. It resonates with my childhood memories with this Last Airbender/Dragon Ball vibe, but at the same time feels fresh and timeless.

5th Place:

Alessando Colace

We all loved it. It's just 90 degree turn of the object, but suddenly it becomes something totally different. And the color play really hits all the marks for me. We really like this rediscovery of the structure. If this was a contest on which image stood out the most, I think hands down this one would crash it. This is really outstanding.

Bonus: Everyone who entered the challenge received a 90 day Scene Manager license in Pulze that could claim after the challenge. Big thanks to the sponsors and media partners:

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Big Shout Out!

There were so many fantastic works submitted to the challenge and we could award prizes to only 5 of them. That’s why we wanted to celebrate other participants too, with this gallery of 42 honorable mentions (Top Jury Selection with additional comments). Congrats to all you guys and gals for those amazing images and animations.


TOP 32

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Andrei Mikhalenko

This image feels magical. I like this quasi painterly cosmic wind that contrasts with the tactile feeling of this rolls on the bottom. You don't really fully know what you're looking at, and I think it's probably the reason why we like it so much.

Andrei Stanevich

I think it's very well thought, the play with color is beautiful and this composition is pretty courageous with this negative space being the sky on the top. It's a compelling image and we really liked it.

Andrii Rozhko

There's just something mystic about the way this image connects nature, architecture and heritage. The execution of vegetation under the water is brilliant as well as the sky and statue reflections. It's almost like the image is not about the cabin at all and it's a nice approach to the subject


Anton Raintrop

It's very subtle. You need a little bit time to really appreciate it. I could really tell that somebody has love for greenery. It's all very well matched. In my opinion, this is one of the best 3D recreation of the environment from all of the works.

Arthur Valente

I'm a sucker for this one. Just the combination of the white cloth with the fog In terms of geometry and color works really, really well. I think it's quite smart how you don't have any direct lights, and yet it still feels serene, relaxing and romantic.

Aulivio Hariananda

There's definitely something super powerful in terms of composition and colors. You have this nice, well curated, heavy plants, which contrast nicely with the rock. I really enjoy the specific hue and nice exploration of the mood.

Bartosz Palus

I cannot stress enough how much work was, uh, put into this piece. I like the composition and the creative choice to change the fabric to silver foil. The aerial shots are all well thought. The whole thing is incredibly realistic.


Cristian Dragos

I really like this combination of tealish gray of the sky with brownish sand and the composition with a lot of negative space on top. I love the bold decision to make it look like a sci-fi concept piece and using geometrical approach to create a rhythm.

Denis Roncevic

We really appreciate the play of lights in this image, especially with the nice layering you see in it. It creates a great mood and a super dreamy atmosphere. And at the same time it's very well executed, Simply beautiful.

Fred Delgado

The diagonal composition in this image is very nice, but what's the most important is that this image moves you. It literally makes you imagine being that guy walking on the rocks. And if an image does that, I think it's doing a pretty good job.

Gianluca Zito

It's one of my favorite images. It's calm with a nice vibe, but there 's also some tension between the objects in the scene. It's super simple but also very effective and kind of romantic. It has this epic, Star Wars feel to it and it simply moves you.


Giuseppe La Greca

It has something very pure about it and you only appreciate certain things if you really look at them. There are a lot of details that you don't see at the first sight, like the boy with a camera on the hill. It has this calm, carefree feeling about it. It's cheerful, but it's not naive.

Jakub Sobiczewski

I love that colors in this image are perfect opposites. You can see some tension in it. It's kind of postapocalyptic vibe and I like that too. It just stucks in your head. It's also nice that it features a person, but you maybe don't see him straight away.


I really like the camera slowly rotating and the cabins glowing from the bottom up. This scene alone was really powerful. There are definitely some eerie vibes but also super cinematic feel. There's a nice story progression and it is enjoyable to watch.

Muhammad Nur Thoyiba

I like this composition with spiral lines through the snowy road and this swoosh of light on the sky. It's pretty dynamic with a snow blizzard at the ground. There's lots of movement and it feels soft and very crisp at the same time. Pretty iconic.


Nadeem Ashraf

It's feels super nostalgic and kind of romantic in a way. There's compelling biom, consistent all over the place and beautiful color palette. Not to mention the composition, technical aspect and all that.

Neil Cross

I like this environment, it just feel right, I guess. In terms of storytelling is something brand new, There's some mystery to this story of an excavation. And it feels super fresh in this competition where most of images depict cabins. I really enjoyed this image.

Niccolò Brovelli

The more you look at this image, the more you notice the details in the foreground and the background. I really like the colors, the volumetric and this chain link in the depth of field. It all has a nice futuristic feel to it, but without pushing it too hard.

Phil Moreton

There's a "Last of us" feel to this image you cannot go wrong with it. But it is the attention to details that ties this one together so well. There's a lot of care and effort put into it. And I think that that's where the biggest appreciation is.


Raffaele Tieri

I really like this feeling of 80s action movie. Maybe it's Gotham City or a scene from Blade Runner. I also like redoing the cabins into a homeless shelters of sorts. And I think lighting composition is all in the right place,

Rustom Tamayo

This image does many things totally differently. With this narrow angle, painterly feeling and quite brave move to make the cabins into blocks of colors with no detail. Plus it has so many D2 easter eggs like the purple duck. So it's definitely fresh, unusual and it really stands out.

Sanya Lohovska

This is something totally different. It's punk and also pretty aggressive. From camera, to this razor sharp chromatic aberration. But this shock value is just a start of a dialogue. This kind of art nods you in that different direction that you have never been before.

Siarhei Kuratski

The image looks so well in black and white, which means it has really strong composition. It remides me of some journal photo of over-water action in Norway, or maybe windsurfing vibes. And I like it that the author made the cabin into an actual catamaran.


Sie Arifin Ciputra

We liked this biome execution. It creates this immersive feeling. There's also probably some AI used in the foreground, which is a nice touch. And it all blends together very well here.

Simon Oudiette

This one is beautiful and it sparked a vivid discussion between us. It brings it all in terms of drama through carefully crafted and curated color palette, the shapes, the details. There's so much about this image that just makes it a whole experience. It's really striking.

Soljon Papadhima

We really loved this one. Everything from the color palette, the reflections and the water, creates this feeling of calm. You can hear the silence looking at it. We also liked the foreground details and the symmetrical composition with asymmetrical cabin.

Tobias Colz

I really dig this one. There's a story between the character and the objects. I like the care, the details, the design, the execution, and the idea. Everything is in there. There's a beautiful mystery behind this image and, I absolutely love it.


Honorable Mentions

Anton Raintrop

Atsushi Furuyama

Castro ArtViz


Dario Peanutart

Frederic Leyenberger

Giulia Dalla Stella

Jesufolahanmi Oyedeji


Lambros Papathanasiou

Lorenzo Mazzi

Mr Pacmann

Osvaldo Silva


Rustom Tamayo

Thais Parra

Thomas Filke

Thank You All ❤️!

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