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Learn to execute the most important lighting scenarios you need. Starting from the day, sunset, through the overcast, night to foggy and moody scenarios. It’s all in here. Tons of lighting techniques, scenario breakdowns, color and composition concepts, and step-by-step commercial workflows. Prepare to work magic in Corona Renderer / 3ds Max / Photoshop. We include an entire 3d scene just for you to practice along with us!


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Prerecorded Online Training

Discover the how and why behind lighting in exterior shots. It’s more than just a “click here and set this” attitude. It’s a new school of thought where we help you understand things like: how to train your eye to spot the natural colors. What does it mean to execute a day, sunset, or night scenario successfully? Where does the lighting overlap with the composition, and how to use it to your advantage? Everything from solid fundamentals to techniques pros use every day.

Follow us as we break down the lighting process, and get inspired with multiple ideas that will help you see things from a broader perspective.

Comprehensive Knowledge

29 lessons, 24 hrs in total

Everything a professional thinks while rendering an image. Broken down into three essential paths, spread across 29 easily digestible lessons that build on top of each other. Starting from scene assessment to the final touch. It’s a mindset of doing things right, irrespective of your rendering software.

01. Theoretical Foundation

We discuss potential problems and solutions to day, sunset, overcast, night, and foggy scenarios based on works from our invited, best-in-the-industry star guests. You’ll learn what a successful lighting scenario looks like and how to articulate that knowledge to your colleagues and clients. You don’t want to miss out on that one!

02. Technical Proficiency

Advanced techniques that push your artistic skills to a whole new level. Develop a deep understanding of the Corona Sun/Sky, HDRIs, Volumetric effects, Corona Frame Buffer, and much, much more. You’ll literally develop an image like this one. How cool is that?

03. Color Understanding

Techniques to improve seeing natural colors, which virtually don’t exist in different trainings. You’ll understand how to see and nail colors that sell like crazy. And if you think that working with LUTs is magical, wait until you create them on your own, with ease.

Study from the industry best!

Watch as we analyze the principles of the most popular commercial scenarios based on the works of our star guests. We pick the minds of the best in the industry and lay the nuggets of knowledge in a friendly manner. Enjoy tons of visual candy that will get you into the right frame of mind. Tons of collages, diagrams, examples, and interesting thoughts - You name it, it’s in here! You’ll finally know the goal of rendering before even start your 3d scene.

We study works of studios and artists such as Adrian Długosz, Blok Studio, Bobak Studio, DIG Group, Element, Ewelina Lekka, Karolina Makowska, Konstantinos Anninos, Łukasz Brzozowski, Marcin Jastrzębski, Michał Nowak, Northern Space, Paweł Pęcherzewski, Piotr Banak, sevenhundred, Tomasz Michalski, VA-ARTS, Vivid Vision. You wouldn’t want to miss out on that!


Full 3d Scene Included

Prerecorded Online Training

That’s right! Tons of vegetation models, 3d scans, and textures that are optimized for production. Follow along and practice as we explain the nuances of every lighting scenario in that very scene. Then, use it however you like, even in your commercial work.


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Prerecorded Online Training

The training will be available for free 1.5 years from now! That’s right! We’ll upload 21 lessons to Youtube. We’ll publish the first 4 lessons this February. And you can expect one new lesson each month. You can take it at your own pace.

Or just dive right into it! You can buy instant access and binge-watch the full prerecorded training at once (if you don't sleep for 24h straight). Or go immediately to what interests you the most and take your skills to a different level today. Plus, you’ll get an entire 3d scene to practice along with us and use however you like, commercially and artistically.

Need more than 3 copies of training for everyone in your office? Reach out to for business inquiries. Remember that you can buy instant access to the training at any point in time in the future. So don’t worry. The choice is yours!

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29 knowledge-packed lessons

CommonPoint Masterclass: 3D Exterior Lighting

Becoming a better lighting artist might feel like drinking from a firehose. No wonder! Lighting is a dynamic aspect that ties up everything in your image, so you should know a thing or two about pretty much everything. That’s why we’ve broken down “everything” into paths that are easier to follow. Let us give you a taste of what’s coming up next, and we'll turn that firehose into an afternoon cup of tea.

It all boils down to 29 easily digestible lessons. Just look below to see what you can learn from each one. Altogether, they unfold a full creative process behind lighting in exterior shots. Great lighting skills take practice, and we’ll show you every aspect you need to train to get there.

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Module I - Day (8 lessons / 6h 41')


Module II - Sunset (3 lessons / 2h 50’ total)


Module III - Overcast (3 lessons / 2h 27’ total)


Module IV - Night (2 lessons / 2h 20’ total)


Module V - Volumetrics (5 lessons / 4h 53’ total)


Bonus Module (8 lessons / 4h 11’ total)

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Find tons of ways to go forward with your 3d skills. Jump-start your career if you’re a junior and get results like those you see on Instagram. Or maybe you’re in the industry for years? It’s about time to get yourself that extra edge that will let you go from good to awesome.

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There are a couple of good reasons to check our Youtube Channel and watch few lessons for free. But there are even more good reasons to buy and get an instant access. Believe us, you don’t want to miss on that one!

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