D2 Lost&Found Challenge Tribute

D2 Lost&Found Challenge was a blast and it wouldn’t be possible without you all. Big shoutout to all the incredible artists who participated in it. We really appreciate the time and talent poured into all 140 images and animations we got. That’s why we put together a gallery of the best entries from the challenge. And not just the top 5. There were so many awesome works, we just couldn’t leave them out. So we share lots of honorable mentions as well.

We tried our best to get everyone's name right, but there might be a mistake or two! If we misspelled your name, please let us know and we'll fix it asap. And if you’d like to have your Instagram mentioned, just let us know and we'll add it to your entry.


Drumroll please…

1st Place:

Vlad Kalinovych (bildform.at)

Great composition, lighting and story. The color gradient works very well and feels natural. Almost like it's flowing through the image. The frame is very cinematic and those characters add a storytelling aspect. It makes you wonder, why are those people moving into something that is so terrifying. It has a great vibe and everything is pretty much perfectly executed.

Commonpoint 3D Exterior Lighting Masterclass
$300 in Pulze licenses
1 year Wanderer or Studio subscription in VWArt Club
$300 store credit in Polymachine
250 render credits on RebusFarm
one year All Access subscription in SiNi Software
Registration to the D2 Vienna 2024

2nd Place:

Davide Poggio

This image really stood out. It's perfectly executed and so imaginative! We all really loved it. On the one hand it's a typical archviz but also it has this relatable character, funny story and all those Easter eggs lying around. So much creativity and effort must have gone into it. Just finding the type face of the Ikea and all the details that go along. It not only extremelt well done, but also a pleasure to watch. Just amazing.

Commonpoint 3D Exterior Lighting Masterclass
$200 in Pulze licenses
1 year Wanderer or Studio subscription in VW ArtClub
$200 store credit in Polymachine
250 render credits on RebusFarm
one year Ignite subscription in SiNi Software
Registration to the D2 Vienna 2024

3rd Place:

Alessandro Colace

Amazing concept. It reinvents the architecture in a way that's super fun, super playful, and super strong. The bridge, the people, tha boats - it all make up an interesting story. Both the idea and execution are extremely powerful. The backlighting is not just aesthetically pleasing, it also helps bring out strict shapes of characters and objects. With this kind of lighting the concept is very easy to read. Definitely a very, very good image.

Commonpoint 3D Exterior Lighting Masterclass
$100 in Pulze licenses
1 year Wanderer or Studio subscription in VWArt Club
$100 store credit in Polymachine
250 render credits on RebusFarm
one year Ignite subscription in SiNi Software
Registration to the D2 Vienna 2024

4th Place:

Lisa Della Dora

This image can be a dream or it can be a nightmare. In terms of the mood, it's creepy, terrifying, weird and dreamy at the same time. And definitely mesmerizing. It feels completely different every single time you look at it. On top of that the artist used assets so creatively and it makes this image stand out from the croud. That's for sure.

5th Place:

Brandon Cheng

This is a super strong, stunning image. It has strong forms as a whole, but yet you can see all this details and the rim lights and the body posture. This classic frame and cathedral-like pillars bring to mind final scenes from a game or epic movie. It's executed perfectly and the lighting here is simply beautiful.

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Thank you all!

We were blown away by your creativity and the effort you put into your renders and animations. This gallery is our way of saying thank you to all those incredible artists, who took part in the challenge.

Congratulation to you all!


TOP 32

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Abdulrhman Alaa

In terms of composition, it's a really fresh and interesting image. With stricking volumetric and some nice reflection in the water. And there's a little storytelling that brings this connection and makes it feel so much more lively. We love everything about this image. The color treatment, the position of a camera and how photorealistic it is.

Adi Šehić

This is perfect composition and great execution. Really cool and awesome idea as well. We love the lens distortion that makes it immersive. You can almost feel as a fish looking at the underwater world. And there's a story too, cause this diver has clearly found something there. It's very hard to make an underwater image and also make it look epic. And this one definitely is.

Agnieszka Skwirut

There's so many questions and so little answers about this image! We obviously love it for the creative idea and beautiful execution. There's a story in it, that you can interpret on your own. And we actually don't know if it makes us happy or deeply wounded? So it stirs up a lot of emotions, as a good image should. Genius!


Ahmed Bali

It's such a cool establishment that it begs for some follow up shots. You immediately want to see in action, like in a movie or in some kind of a setup. The color palette adds up to the nice, eerie atmoshere you can't go wrong with. At the same time, it brings huge, powerful vibe. It makes you wonder what's going on here.

Ahmed Mahmoud

This one's a beautiful image. You're immediately drawn to it and you want to keep looking at it to see more details. What's special about it is that it brings to your mind this waxy vibe. Like from some kind of sci-fi movie like Westworld. There's definitely something intriguing about this image.

Alejandro Moya

The colors and the contrast in this image are simply striking. From the first glance you can see it's strong concept and solid composition. There's something about this image that makes it feel like some kind of a miniature, Like if you were looking through an opening towards a micro world. Very fresh and definitely different feeling to all other images.

Andras Kaldos

This is one great example of how to capture both attention and emotions in one image. It clearly conveys the idea of what's important. Working both as a thumbnail and in every little detail, when you go deeper into it. You just want to explore this story. Because this image is not just about the pixels. It's about what kind of past experience you have and where it drives you when you look at it.


Andrei Stanevich

Such a nice atmosphere captured in this image. It feels like being inside of a ribcage of giant dragon and it looks like a movie poster. You imidiately know it has a great geometrical core, since it works so well as a thumbnail. And when you zoom in and dial in on all those details, you discover so much more. It constantly reinvites you to look even closer and explore it.

Anton Voloshin

This is a really cool concept and a beautiful image. We loved this vibe of explorers going into ice caves and trying to figure out what are those statues recently discovered there. There's a whole story behind it. Very powerful. It invites you to take a longer look at it and explore all the different details as well. On top of that, it's actually very tricky to do everything in ice in a way that's readable. And the artist here did a very good job.

Aulivio Hariananda

This is a very interesting image and very creative use of assets. The architecture is transformed into some sort of huge sigil and also - at smalle scale - as a part of the decor, It's very imaginative and yet believable. The color treatment here is so consistent and just appealing. It all makes it look more like an illustartion which is super nice.

Catarina Ferreira

Truly beautiful, intriguing image. Like if Klimt would go sci-fi. The flowers, colors, pink, purple, green. Everything is there. It's colorful, but at the same time little aggressive. Vibrant and dangerous. You don't really know what's happening, but it's cool not knowing. Just a pleasure to look at.


Dmitry Gutovsky

Very strong image, with beautiful, very game-like composition. Stunning color treatment. It's a pleasure to watch. The image invites you to explore the story. The assets are made into a spears that bombarded this place. And you wonder, how long time ago? And what kind of secret or a mystery this character tries to uncover here.

Federico Melis

It's an underwater scene but it's so sharp and good looking. Really nice and sweet and clean. It has a great sense of depth and the lighting hierarchy. Um, the way you read it is super powerful. The connection between the lighting and the diver constantly brings your attention back to the character. So this is what a great image does. It keeps reinviting you to explore the main story.

Giovanni Checchia

It's a great example of pretty rare art piece in this competition and it's really something fresh. There's an interesting context, a juxtaposition of zebra on the savanna and this futuristic, but also pretty ethnic structures. The color palette is astounding with this kind of offset areas of color. It certainly goes into a cinematic look, On top of that you have the storytelling that you could reinterpret in many different ways. Super powerful.


Giulia Romanelli

This one looks almost like a screenshot from "A man in the high castle" or Bioshock. It has this feeling of art history, or maybe New York. The whole architecture, with assets composed into modern facades are really nice. The concept is great and the execution is very refined.

Giuseppe La Greca

It's a very cinematic shot with really nice, teal and orange color palette. I think it might be a shot from Batman or something similar. And what makes it stand out in this competitioon is a totally different story. The structure is transformed into this kind of art piece set on the auction. It's really something unique and we really like this work.


This is the image that definitely got everyone's attention. It's eye catching and it feels powerful. There's really nice composition. You could potentially do so many more great shots from a scene like this. The setup has this futuristic, kind of distopian vibes and it just draws you in. You want to know what's going on. It's really cool.

Izhar Marajo

Man, this is great. Just great. This image is really cool because it's a completely different twist on the assets. Instead of going into this really dark and moody vibe, this one is just like a candy floss or an island made of icing. It makes your imagination going. It's really bold and it takes courage to do such beautiful pink render. It certainly brings lots of emotions. And the tilted camera makes it very dynamic. Like if someone made a photo in a hurry. It creates an interesting setup and adds another layer to the story.


Jakub Smietana

It's a great concept and great execution. It gives a different take of how the entry looks like. It's not about what's behind the door, but how inviting the doors are in and of itself. With those characters approaching reddish portal, you can't help but wonder, what's the story behind it.

Koheita Wada

Striking and dynamic! The statues seen from a low angle in relatation to the boy in the foreground make up such a strong composition core. The artist really played with the lighting. It's so creative. And on top of that you have this amazing colors and awesome gradient. It's hard not to fall in love with this one.

M Ramesh

It's really nice image with solid composition. It's has this mysterious vibe and leaves a lot to the imagination. The complimentary color palette works really well in this one. With this subdued values of the navy blues and reds that are not saturated at all. That's almost pixel perfect hue selection. Really interesting.

Mario Stoyanov

Beautiful and fresh. The architecture itself is pretty interesting. You could use it in different ways and this is super creative. It doesn't happen so often that you position the building rotating it on this awkward angle and only attach it to the ground in one thirds. It's a beautiful composition and a great story.

Maurilio Fontanesi

Beautiful, very intriguing image with nice composition, beautiful. And the colors clipped in the bottom half are working so really well. It feels almost like an illustration rather than a CG scene. And the silhouette of the character in just black and red without any nuance add some emotions and mystery. Very nice to look at.


Mohammed Radwan

Very strong composition, very dreamy, very hopeful. All the colors and values build a nice cinematic look on the verge of being painterly. And this yellow caption adds up to the effect. Your mind automatically fills in the gaps, creating something different for each viewer. Excellent idea.

Rustom Tamayo

This one is very simple yet very powerful. There are only the provided assets. Lighting is simple. Color palette is almost monochrome. And yet, there's so much substance. You can almost feel the smoke and cut it with a knife. And the treatment of color creates depth and volume, It definitely takes a really good eye and a real artistry to create such a great work with so little instruments.

Sanya Lohovska

It's really interesting image. Definitely very creative. Just razor sharp and aggressive. You feel the emotions without even understanding the content. And gives you this synesthetic experience, like you could almost hear some shrieking sound in the background. It's so distorted that it feels more like an art piece rather than a 3d scene. Really well done and super unique


Sergei Chaschin

Such a beautiful image. And unusual at the same time. It feels more like an illustartion that CGI. Beautiful colors, great aspect ratios, cool format. It go so much deeper into the storytelling with the boat and the character with glowing eyes. A whole movie could be based on this single image. It's so powerful that it could sell like a million ideas.

Sinan Can

Very unusual interpretation of the assets. There's nothing like it in all this selection of images. Very nice image with vibes of some magic castle. It plays really well with the volumetrics. You wonder is it on fire, or is it just mysterious clouds. Wgat;s going on? The vignette out of the vegetation is really cool as well.

Thiago Kyoshi

Really cool underwater scene. Those two divers create a nice, intriguing story. It draws you in to look a bit deeper and closer. You would almost want to zoom in to see what it is that they found. Because it does kind of spark that curiosity. It's a very cool composition and a beautiful image.


Honorable Mentions

Daniel van Engers

Edward Kiss

Francesco Cerulli



Koycho Krachanov

Ling Tai Estrada Reyes

Niccolò Brovelli

Santo Logozzo


Sofia Ganievskaia

Thomas Filke


Yannis Efstathiou

Thank You All ❤️!

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